Graduate School


Course Registration

  1. A. Course Registration Period: February and August
  2. B. Course confirmation and Add/Drop Period: First 5 days of each semester
Credits per semester
  1. A. Up to 12 credits and 3 extra credits if registering for extra courses. (Research students in all programs: up to 6 credits)
  2. B. Students in the regular program who have passed the comprehensive examination may register for 1 course along with the Thesis Seminar. Students who are completing the program may not register for any courses.
  3. C. Upon the successful completion of coursework requirements, enrolling in the same course twice throughout the Master's and Doctoral programs will be counted officially as one course.

”Same Courses”:

  1. Courses under similar titles with the same summary.
  2. Courses under the same titles regardless of the course number.
  3. Completed courses with the same course number since 2008.
Undergraduate Courses (Applicable to the Master's and Combined Programs)
  1. A. Credits: A student may register up to 6 credits toward their major among courses open to 4th-year undergraduate students.

  2. B. Procedure

    1. (1) Consult the Department Chair before registering for courses.
    2. (2) Type in the number and division of the undergraduate course and select “combined course” on the course registration page.
Extra Credit
  1. A. Definition: Credit for students whose degree program is different from their major field, or credit for students in need of extra courses within their major. Approval by the Department Chair is required for the “Extra Credits.”

  2. B. Number of Credits: Courses worth a minimum of 3 credits may be taken.

  3. C. Procedure

    1. (1) Set up an appointment with the Department Chair during the first registration period of the first semester.

    2. (2) When registering for extra courses mark, “extra credit” in the course division.

    3. (3) Student may register for 3 additional credits during registration period when taking extra courses.

Thesis Seminar

There is no credit for the Thesis Seminar. Students are required to take and pass at least 1 semester for the master's program and 2 semesters for the doctoral program. Students submitting their dissertation must take the Thesis Seminar during the same semester.

Individual Subject Research
  1. A. Definition: Course for students involved in research during the same semester. A confirmation form needs to be submitted beforehand. (The research subject must be registered at the Research before the Add/Drop Period).

  2. B. Credits per semester: 3 credits

  3. C. Total credits

    1. (1) Master's Program: Maximum 6 credits.

    2. (2) Doctoral and Combined Programs: Maximum 12 credits.

    3. (3) Credits are counted towards student's major.

  4. D. Procedure

    1. (1) Register for “Individual Subject Research” (Course Number: R0001) do you mean Independent Subject Research through the online course registration system.

    2. (2) Submit the “Individual Subject Research Plan Document” confirmed by the professor in charge of the research subject to the Registrar’s Office (ECC B305).

Professional Graduate Schools and Other Department Courses
  1. A. Definition: Taking courses from Ewha's Professional Graduate Schools (The Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation, The Graduate School of International Studies, The Graduate School of Social Welfare, The Graduate School of Business, The Graduate School of Medicine, The Graduate School of Law, or other departments).

  2. B. Credits: Master's Program - Maximum of 12 credits, Doctoral Program - Maximum of 18 credits

Exchange Course Credits
  1. A. Definition: Exchange courses are available each semester at 3 partnering graduate schools (Ewha Womans University, Yonsei University, and Sogang University), Seoul National University Graduate School, and Korea National Defense University.

  2. B. Registered and Gained Credits per semester

    1. (1) Students may register up to 1/2 of the credits needed for each degree program.

    2. (2) Maximum of 6 credits per semester.

  3. C. Registration

    1. (1) 3 Partnering Graduate Schools (Ewha Womans University, Yonsei University, and Sogang University): Online registration during the Registration Period with the help from the academic adviser and the Department Chair.

    2. (2) Seoul National University: - Submit the “Registration Form for Exchange Courses at Seoul National University” to the Registrar’s Office with the help from the academic adviser and the Department Chair. - Receive a temporary student ID number from Seoul National University and register for courses through Seoul National University's course registration system. - Register online during Ewha's course registration period

    3. (3) Korea National Defense University- Processed additionally.

Important Notes

Graduate students must earn at least half of the total required credits at the Graduate School of Ewha.

<Graduation Requirement>

  • Total required credits: 24 graduate level credits

  • Supplementary credits depends on the student.

  • Thesis Seminar: 1

  • Required courses: Introduction to International Office Management, Research in International Office Management

  • The maximum number of credits students can earn per semester: 12 credits (in case of supplementary courses, 15 credits)