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Domestic Internship Cooperation

Many major domestic and foreign companies provide opportunities for internship programs to all IOA students.

International Internship Cooperation

1. East Rock Institute (ERI) is a nonprofit research and educational organization dedicated to the enhancement and deepening of cultural understanding between Eastern and Western societies through innovative approaches to research and teaching.

Nearly 50 years old, ERI is the oldest organization devoted to research on Korean and Korean American culture in the United States. The East Rock Institute, previously known as the Korea Institute, was started in 1952 and incorporated in Cambridge, MA in 1956. The Korea Institute was started by Dr. Kwang Lim Koh and Dr. Hesung Chun Koh with the intention of promoting better mutual understanding between Korea and the United States through a variety of scholarly and cultural activities.

2. CETE introduces a forward-looking vision, a larger staff, and an expanded commitment to research and development through the 2013 merger of the The Ohio State University's Center on Education and Training for Employment (CETE), Center for Special Needs Populations (CSNP), and Center for Learning Excellence (CLEX). CETE bridges research and practice through work in standards, curriculum, assessment, and evaluation. We have added capacity in teacher preparation, professional development, information management, communication technologies, resource development, and technical assistance. CETE is committed to translating research into innovative and customized solutions that meet our clients’ current and future needs. Merging the centers is the first step in maintaining our commitment, enhancing our entrepreneurial spirit, and valuing our excellence within The Ohio State University. CETE continues to lead by example in the pursuit of lifelong learning.

Sister Institute for Local Internship

Many major domestic and foreign companies