"Global Office Professional With Dedicated Passion"

Global : Understand other cultures and be able to interact effectively with diverse people.

Office Professional : Be an expert in organizing and managing business.

Dedicated Passion : Work with dedication, professionalism, and sound work ethics.

The aims

The Aims of Education

The Department of International Office Administration aims to develop administrative professionals equipped with the professional knowledge and skills for office administration, Information/System Management, Convention Management, and Business Communication Management needed in a globalized business environment.

Students acquire professional job competence and develop a positive attitude to successfully perform the job duties.

Students acquire communicative competence to make them effectively and successfully interact with others in a global work environment.

Students acquire information management skills to organize, manage, and secure important business information.

Students acquire competence to plan, organize, and manage diverse projects, events, and conventions.


The Department of International Office Administration, which initially was known as the Department of Secretarial Science, has educated and trained thousands of office professionals including secretaries, office managers, project managers, consultants, and professors for the past 40 years. Following its tradition, the Department continues to educate qualified office professionals that meet the needs of a future-oriented business world.

Careers and Graduate School Destination

Graduates from the Department of International Office Administration work actively in major global and domestic companies holding various positions.