Scholarship & Internship


The Department of International Office Administration awards a wide range of scholarships for students. If you have any questions regarding scholarships, please contact the Department Chair or your academic advisor.

There are two types of scholarship: the (1) University Scholarship and (2) the Department of International Office Administration Scholarship. Generally, students are eligible for only one scholarship. However, consideration for multiple scholarships is given to students. Talk to the Department Chair for an interview.

Scholarships from the IOA

The following is a list of scholarships offered by the Department of International Office Administration and not by the University:

  • Han-young Scholarships
  • Dong-bu Group Scholarships
  • Alumni Association Scholarships
  • International Internship Scholarships
  • A Loan Scholarship
  • Jeong Haeng-bok Scholarships
  • Note: New scholarships are added annually.

University Scholarship Qualified students are awarded scholarships regardless of their major. Upon application, the applicant will be evaluated for a scholarship by the Student Service Center and the Financial Aid Committee

For detailed information for scholarships, click URL:.

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